How to find the GasGas manuals...


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For the new GG riders, there are FREE manuals available online. You can download the user manual and parts diagrams for most model years. There are also workshop/service manuals. These workshop manuals were only made in the 2005/2006 timeframe. However, many items apply to the newer bikes. The workshop manuals will show you how to disassemble the entire engine, provides part specifications, etc..

Since a picture is worth 1000 words... Refer to blue circled areas to find the manuals easily.

Here is the link to the GG Corporate website:

GasGas Manuals:

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Your welcome!

I've seen requests for manuals occassionally. So I thought this should help folks out. I hope it makes life easier for our friends here.

FYI... GasGas has changed their corporate website. They have now posted the manuals online. Also, it appears that they have manuals dating back to 2000.

EDIT: updated my 1st post to provide new pic of website and how to access the manuals.
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Anyone know where I could get a 1999 ec 250 manual? They have parts list back to 2000 but not manuals. I will take the Spanish version if need be. Thanks
We can no longer get the service manuals from the GasGas website only the parts lists and user manuals. Can anyone help?
GG manuals

Thanks for the web site I have a 1997 EC250, could never find a manual, now I have one.

My 97 GG EC250 came with a Equus digital unit mounted behind the head light, has two wires, anyone know how to hook up?
1997 Gas Gas EC250

I purchased a 1997 EC250 with Ca. license plate, with lights turn lights, I was told it came from the factory street leagal, is that right?