2012 starter gear how much !!!!!


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Wow my starter sprocket that sits on the flywheel decided to break last weekend , quick call to gas gas uk and they are trying to relieve me of nearly ?200 just for the sprocket :eek: are they mad , does anyone know if there are any cross over parts from another bike that i can buy or am i just kicking it from now on ??

No company can justify charging that for a gear cog its about 50p worth of metal :rolleyes:
I haven't had this problem yet knock on wood, but maybe check with a machinist shop, probably cost a fair amount depending on the shop and equipment they use, but I doubt it would be $200 in my experience. I had some yamaha hubs turned to accept bearings for my old ktm 620 and I think I only paid $50 for both hubs, but I am also a farmer so they see me more often then I care to admit :rolleyes:lol.
Do a search for posts by BobT on here.
His 2011 failed and he found other parts that worked for much less and done a post about it here.